5P have been working on an exploring poetry module in English.  They have made their own special paper to mount their poems about Blackpool on.  

Great work team 5P!



English Creative Arts 5P


Back together again!

We have had a brilliant day being all back together again.  We took part in British Science Week and looked at some inventions.  Wallace and Gromit was a particular favourite!  We then looked at the homework machine poem written by Shel Silverstein which gave us an idea to invent our own homework…

KS3 Science Creative Arts


Egyptian pyramids

Mrs Shaw followed on with our Egyptian theme into topic.

We learnt about different types of pyramids, how they were made and about the rooms inside.

We then even got to make our own pyramids out of sugar cubes and icing sugar.

it was so much fun!!

Creative Arts Topic


Marble Run: Science Challenge

Watch the video on how to create a marble run at home and the forces that act on the marble such as gravity, friction, air resistance, acceleration and deceleration.

Marble Run Video

Then using a smooth angled surface at home (with your parent/carer's help raise one side of the kitchen table…

KS4 Science Creative Arts 4T


Making bow & arrows

Today we searched for twigs in our forest school   area to make bow & arrows. We even had a competition to see who could fire their arrow the furthest. A little bit of rain never hurt anyone! 

KS4 Creative Arts


Glimpses of Brilliance Exhibition: Request for Pupil Work

Dear parents/carers,


Please if your child does anything creative be it art, cooking, photography, origami, drawing, sculpture/model making, sewing etc. please take a picture of your child with their piece of work and send it to the 4T email address.


Not only can it be used in the…

KS4 Art Creative Arts Cooking Arts and Crafts 4T


Glimpses of Brilliance: Exhibition of Pupil Work

As part of our preparations in welcoming our pupils back into school, Mr Hull would like to create an end of year whole-school display/exhibition of their work 'Glimpses of brilliance' that celebrates what they have been up to over the last few months since lockdown began. 

In helping PCA and…

KS4 Art Creative Arts Cooking Photography Arts and Crafts 4T


Fruit printing

Don't throw out old fruit and vegetables! Have a go at creating prints of them. What shapes and textures can you create ? 

Creative Arts


Mr Hull's Open Art Competition: Deadline Friday 15th May

Don't forget to enter any artwork you have done during lockdown into Mr Hull's Art Competition.

It can be in any medium, be it painting, collage, sculpture, photography, legal graffiti, natural materials, murals etc.

Just take a picture of your artwork and email it to…

KS4 Art Creative Arts Arts and Crafts 4T


Mr Hull's: Open Art Competition

Good morning 4T,

Mr Hull has opened a PCA wide Art competition open to all students.

Send a photo of any artwork that you have created at home and you could win a fantastic prize.

It could be a painting, photograph, sculpture etc, from your choice of materials.

KS4 Art Creative Arts Arts and Crafts 4T


Dinosaur fun

How amazing is this dinosaur ? All you need is an empty milk bottle , tape , paint,and scissors.

Good luck and please send us a picture of your creation, to our class email -


Creative Arts


Painted Hope Stones

In the next few days, why not keep your spirits up with a bit of creativity.

Paint a pebble and then, either write your name, or write a message of hope on the pebble. Make your painting bright and cheerful.

Perhaps when we are all back in school you could bring them in and we could place…

KS4 Creative Arts Mental health Arts and Crafts 4T