As part of Art Award afternoons pupils from across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 have the opportunity to join and sing with the school choir. The choir is open to all pupils with the emphasis on developing a lifelong love of music and allowing pupils to express themselves. Currently over 30 pupils attend the weekly rehearsals. During the sessions pupils learn and develop key performance skills such as projection, harmonising and oracy. At PCA we feel by providing these type of opportunities contribute towards pupils feeling positive about themselves and boosting their self-esteem. In choir, pupils are encouraged to suggest the types of songs they like to sing and to be creative in how they may perform them. As well as singing as a whole group, pupils can perform as a soloist or in small groups.

 As well as practicing each week pupils regularly have the opportunity to perform in front of audiences both inside of school and at external events. A highlight for many members of the choir is when they perform over the festive period. This includes when pupils from PCA join choirs from across the town at the Winter Gardens to take part in the Blackpool School Choirs Christmas Carol Concert. As well as this event pupils have represented the school in the Blackpool Music Service talent show and the Ribby Hall Music Festival.

A weekly Key Stage 2 choir club also takes place during a lunch time which is delivered by one of the schools specialist music and drama teachers.