The Early Years Department at Park Community Academy is a welcoming, stimulating environment where your child will be inspired and motivated to learn. Children develop and achieve through commitment, team work and a sense of belonging to a caring school community.











Our strengths are:

  • The happy, safe and secure learning environment.
  • The close relationships that we build with parents, carers, Speech therapists, occupational therapists, physio therapists and other professionals that enable us to fully understand the needs of each child.
  • The positive relationships established between staff, governors, children and the school community as a whole.
  • The high quality of teaching and learning within the department.
  • The purpose built provision and extensive range of appropriate equipment within the department.


The Early Years Department of the school is housed in both the Berry and Jubilee Building, where we cater for the needs of our young children who have an Education and Health Care Plan.


The Jubilee Building comprises of:

  • Three classrooms - with attached pupil-centred toileting, washing and changing facilities;
  • A Sensory Studio - this newly developed room provides an immersive learning environment.  This allows the children to be totally "immersed" in a self-contained simulated environment while experiencing it as real. It is a highly visual and engaging experience for all our children to further develop their technical, creative, problem-solving and speaking and listening skills.
  • A Soft Play Room - this is an enclosed space where the walls and floor are padded and the layout consists of multi-levels connected with steps, slopes, wedges, tunnels and blocks.  Physical exercise, expression and interaction are encouraged whilst children enjoy playing and learning within this safe environment.