Park Community Academy has a dedicated Eco Department and all staff and pupils are part of the Eco Team. 

Eco Council 2020-21

Our motto is:


We are a 'Fairactive' School. 

We strive to maintain our current 'Green Flag' Eco status following guidelines set out by the national 'Eco-Schools' initiative.  Every two years we are inspected and so far have always successfully met the stringent criteria!  We have special events throughout the year and on going programmes to ensure we are always at our eco best!  There are many ways for family and friends of Park Community Academy to be involved (please see detailed Eco information for how you can help us).


We are trying lots at Park Community Academy to reduce our energy consumption.  We have these signs displayed in all relevant rooms to hopefully encourage our staff and pupils to save energy!

We use a lot of new and exciting technology to make our classrooms more exciting.  However Interactive Whiteboards use A LOT of energy!  We are encouraging staff to turn off whiteboards if they are not being used for 5 minutes or more.

We are trying to turn off computer monitors if they are not going to be used for 5 minutes or more.

This is our whole school challenge. We have a ‘red spot’ in every classroom on one of our light switches.  Our challenge is to NOT use this light if at all possible.

We are collecting old mobile phones and old ink cartridges to help raise funds for school, please send any you have spare for the attention of Mrs Irving.

We are always collecting old clothes for our ‘Rag Bag’ scheme.  We have a permanent collection bin in our reception area and also a large permanent metal bin outside near our bicycle storage. Please feel free to pop your unwanted clothes in at any time.

We collect other items to recycle and help charities. You can pop in at any time to give us your eye glasses, batteries and stamps!