Key Stage 3


All pupils in KS3 have access to our 3 curriculum strands (Academic, Aspirations for Adulthood and Therapeutic) at a level appropriate to them.

Key Stage 3 pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum which follows a 3 year rolling program, allowing access to a range of curriculum content and coverage. The curriculum content is taken from the National Curriculum, Sea View Trust skills document and the PCA progression documents which cater for pupils at all academic levels. The PCA progression document allows for clear progression for pupils transitioning

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is spiral in nature and allows pupils to revisit a range of skills and knowledge across all areas of the curriculum. Timetabled subjects include Maths, English (including separate reading and phonics lessons), Science (including separate STEM lessons), PHSRE, Computing, History, Geography, RE, PE, MFL, Art, DT, Music, Drama, Arts Award (where pupils make their own choices based on interests and aspirations) and Forest School.

Lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of the pupils as and where necessary, whilst still being challenging in order to stretch our students to achieve their full potential, supporting all students to become successful learners, responsible citizens and resilient individuals. This includes beginning the accreditation journey for some of our Year 9 pupils in the areas of MFL, History, RE and PSD. Maths lessons are also streamed to support differentiation and challenge.

Marking, homework and assessment follow the schools policies and are reviewed annually.

Preparation for Adulthood (PfA), Residentials and cultural capital

Throughout KS3 there is a strong emphasis on pupils' EHCP targets and their aspirations for adulthood which are discussed at annual review meetings and throughout our curriculum offer. PfA is discussed and celebrated at every given opportunity, including a two night residential to York. This two night History residential allows our pupils to access traveling by train and bus, staying in a hotel with their friends, making their bed, self-care, eating in restaurants, visiting various museums, using time and money and following instructions, rules and routines.

KS3 pupils experience a whole host of cultural capital within taught lessons across the curriculum such as taking local visits to places such as Stanley Park as well as meeting visitors from different employment settings.



Pupils take part in transition days at the end of the summer term for those joining us in Year 7. We also provided social stories and transition booklets for those who require additional support for the change.

Pupils in Year 9 are invited to PCA’s careers event which is led and organised by our 6th form staff. Other local FE providers attend the careers evening, as well as other organisations such as Project Search, UR Potential, Sam’s Place etc. This starts the journey for our pupils and their parents/carers considering life after PCA and PfA.



We have close links with a number of secondary mainstream schools including St Mary’s Catholic Academy (SMCA) and Montgomery Academy. Pupils in KS3 have access to inclusion links if they are showing a particular talent or interest in a certain curriculum area. As well as proving to be beneficial academically, pupils may access additional resources unavailable at PCA, and inclusion also gives our pupils the opportunity to socialise with mainstream peers.



Curriculum Key Stage 3