The Governors and Staff of PCA aim to provide high quality educational provision for all pupils in an environment which reflects care, happiness, enjoyment and success.

Mission Statement: -

"We grow together, we learn together, we will achieve our best together."  

Grow, learn, achieve


1.         This Academy aims to provide and maintain a caring, safe and secure environment for all
            pupils by: -

1.1       Ensuring that the health and safety policy and procedures are carefully adhered to and reviewed regularly.

1.2       Ensuring that a designated Senior Teacher is responsible for child protection and for the operation and monitoring of relevant               procedures.

2.         This Academy aims to provide and maintain a stimulating and attractive physical environment
            which reflects and enhances a high quality of teaching and learning by: -

2.1       Promoting pupil's active involvement in creating a caring, positive and stimulating Academy environment.

3.         This Academy aims to afford every pupil an equal opportunity to take part in his or her learning
            regardless of race, religion, culture, gender or special need by: -

3.1       Ensuring all pupils have an equal access to the curriculum and extra curricular opportunities.

3.2       Regularly reviewing the teaching resources and materials used at PCA.

3.3       Ensuring the purchasing of new material considers the equal opportunity policy.



4.         This Academy aims to positively support all pupils' learning needs and assist them in their
            personal, social, physical, emotional, moral, spiritual and cultural development through the
            delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum that:

4.1       Provides a well planned and structured curriculum which includes academic and social experiences.

4.2       Demonstrates differentiation in teaching and learning styles, resources and assessment opportunities.

5.         Ensuring the pupils' entitlement to National Curriculum subjects and encouraging the
            highest possible levels of attainment and achievement through:

5.1       The implementation of the Assessment, Recording and Reporting policy and practice which include statutory tasks/tests,                       external examinations, continuous teacher assessment and processes at PCA to monitor Quality Assurance.

5.2       An R.O.A. system which both recognises pupils' achievements and attainments and enables each pupil to be actively involved               in setting their own targets as they progress through the different key stages.

6.         Meeting the needs of individual pupils and monitoring their development and progress

6.1       The process of Annual Reviews.

6.2       The setting of clear targets linked with realistic and relevant strategies which form each pupil's I.E.P. (Individual Education                     Plan).

6.3       The application of whole school curriculum and assessment policies, and practice which operates effectively within and                         between each key stage.

6.4       Providing information and encouraging the involvement of parents in their child's learning and progress.

7.         Helping pupils to develop a positive self-image through:

7.1       The operation of an age appropriate reward system in PCA which emphasises each pupil's own achievements for acceptable               behaviour and work.

7.2       An R.O.A. system which supports and reflects each pupil's success.

7.3       The delivery of a well resourced curriculum that enable pupils to tackle new challenges presented in relevant and meaningful               ways.

8.         Encouraging the pupils to show a tolerance and understanding of the needs of others

8.1       A clear code of conduct framework within the Academy.

8.2       Reward of positive behaviours on a daily basis and through the Academy Reward System.

8.3       Providing positive role models in an atmosphere of relaxed vigilance where staff are approachable and friendly.

9.         Developing independence and respect for others in preparation for a responsible adult life after leaving the Academy through:

9.1       The delivery of a broad and balanced 14-19 curriculum which affords all pupils the opportunity to learn through work related                 contexts.

9.2       Opportunities to take part in relevant external examinations and assessment units.

10.       Providing a climate which supports the development of positive behaviours and encourages
            the attainment of high standards of discipline for all pupils based on mutual respect and  
            individual and collective responsibility through:

10.1     Behaviour Management policy, procedures and strategies which are age appropriate and regularly reviewed.

10.2     The application of rules and the code of conduct of the Academy with fairness,  consistency and openness.

10.3     The Academy's R.O.A. and reward system.

10.4     Public recognition of pupils achievements both in the classroom and through assemblies.



11.       This Academy aims to operate a financial system which supports the highest quality of teaching
            and learning for all pupils by:

11.1     Identifying a Senior Manager with responsibility for co-ordinating whole school financial management and clearly identify staff               roles within that framework.

11.2     Ensuring the financial procedures match EFA and OFSTED recommendations.

11.3     Advising the Staffing and Finance Committee of the Academy's Governing body.



12.       This Academy aims to support the professional development of all staff by:

12.1     Ensuring the PCA's staff development policy is in place and regularly reviewed and updated.

12.2     Operating an effective staff development system which:     

(a)  identifies individual, Academy and team needs;
(b)  identifies and supports training opportunities for all staff;
(c)  regularly reviews development and target setting;
(d)  forms part of the whole S.D.P.

12.3     Ensuring the training budget supports relevant training opportunities to best effect.



13.       This Academy aims to operate efficient administrative and organisational systems through
            consultation, communication and decision making to meet the needs of all members of the
            Academy community by:

13.1     The efficient delegation of administrative and organisational tasks.

13.2     Operating efficient communication systems within the Academy.

13.3     Co-ordinating the work of key stage co-ordinators to facilitate cross school liaison, development and direction.

13.4     Ensuring management roles and responsibilities are clearly designed and periodically reviewed.

13.5     Facilitating training opportunities appropriate to the development of administrative staff.



14.       The Academy aims to ensure that its community (that is governors, staff, pupils and parents)
            support the highest possible quality of education by:

14.1     Working together with the Governing body to meet the statutory requirements related to the discharge of its responsibility.

14.2     Developing the practice of Governors working with the pupils and staff in the Academy.

14.3     Developing positive links with parents and promoting parental involvement in their child’s learning and progress, and the life of             the Academy.

14.4     Actively developing links with the Academy's local community.