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Mathematics at Park Community Academy covers the full range of skills needed for pupils to be confident and functional in the wider environment. It is a core subject and a tool for everyday life. Mathematics consists of intrinsic connections which enables us to make sense of the world. Within Park Community Academy we seek to find golden threads within our curriculum which provide a way of weaving a rich life tapestry for our pupils, as they prepare for adulthood. The four main mathematical golden thread aims intertwined throughout our practice are as follows:

  • To recognise and use numbers in a range of contexts within the community.
  • To recognise and handle currency to effectively undertake transactions.
  • To recognise and interpret units of measure to successfully complete daily tasks.
  • To develop knowledge of position, direction and movement to enable pupils to explore the wider community.

At Park Community Academy we strive to provide a stimulating environment to make learning fun, interactive and draw on personal experiences so that pupils can achieve their full potential in the subject.  We aim to foster curiosity, develop confidence in tackling new skills and concepts by enabling pupils to evaluate and reflect on their and other pupils work. By using maths for mastery teaching strategies we enable pupils to experience well-structured classroom activities involving interaction and dialogue between the teacher and pupils. Our pupils are introduced to mathematical concepts through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to gain a deeper conceptual understanding of subject content. Pupils are encouraged to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts through questions designed to develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills and opportunities to agree, build or challenge when considering outcomes from their peers. The maths for mastery approach enables pupils to learn new ideas and build on their existing knowledge by introducing abstract concepts in a more familiar and tangible way. Pupils also have the opportunity of enhancing their skills further by learning outside the classroom and in the local community.

As pupils progress throughout Park Community Academy they will be given opportunities to gain qualifications in Functional Skills in Maths at Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3, as appropriate. These opportunities are open to pupils from Key Stage 2 to Sixth Form. Pupils demonstrating an appropriate level of understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving may also work towards a GCSE qualification in mathematics.

At Park Community Academy, we regard the assessment and monitoring of Mathematics as an integral part of teaching and learning. Pupil’s progress is assessed throughout the year which allows teachers to provide the correct level of work to the pupil’s needs and ensures progress. At the beginning of each year, pupils will be set challenging targets according to their ability, their progress is recorded and closely monitored through Bsquared assessments.