At PCA our curriculum enables pupils to grow, learn and achieve in preparation for adult life. All pupils access a broad and balanced curriculum, which is designed to meet their needs and stage of development. Pupils at PCA are challenged to achieve the very best they can and their progress is rigorously tracked and celebrated.

The PCA offer combines an 'Academic' and an 'Aspirations for Adulthood' curriculum. This combined offer aims to enable our pupils to become: -

  • Successful learners
  • Resilient individuals
  • Responsible citizens

Academic Curriculum

The 'Academic Curriculum' is broad & balanced and centred around the National Curriculum, having due regard for the relevance to each pupil's age and developmental need. The 'Academic Curriculum' is divided into 9 broad areas of learning. Each curriculum area has a primary and secondary subject leader responsible for monitoring, developing and supporting high quality teaching and learning in that area. Each subject area has a clear vision and key golden threads which weave through the subject from EYFS to Post 16. From Year 9, pupils follow accredited courses leading to a range of BTEC, GCSE, Entry Level, Functional Skills and ASDAN qualifications.  

Academic Curriculum


Aspirations for Adulthood Curriculum

At PCA our curriculum also aims to improve our pupils' aspirations for adult life by offering rich and sustained opportunities to develop their cultural capital. Learning outside the classroom occurs through a rich residential offer, theatre trips, forest school and a range of other opportunities to enhance the pupils' learning experiences. All pupils engage in careers, employability and enterprise activities, whilst our older pupils undertake work experience in a range of settings alongside college link courses. Participation and performance through drama, choir, dance or music are an important part of PCA life as well as theatre trips and travelling theatre groups. The 'Aspirations for Adulthood Curriculum' also extends beyond the school day with a comprehensive after school club offer, a 2 week Summer Scheme and a weekly Youth Club for existing and former pupils from 14-25. 

Aspirations for Adulthood Curriculum


Curriculum Lower Primary

Curriculum Upper Primary

Curriculum Key Stage 3

Curriculum Key Stage 4

Curriculum Key Stage 5


In line with the National Curriculum the school therefore offers the following

Core subjects -




Foundation subjects



Geography (incl Travel and Tourism)




Physical Education and swimming 

Modern Foreign Language

Technology: (including Design Technology, Food Technology)

Art and Arts Award

Religious Education (Parents have the right to withdraw their child from R.E.)

The following Cross-curricular areas are also incorporated within the curriculum.

Personal and Social Education Health Education & SRE 

Developing British Values / Cultural Capital 

Careers Education 

Citizenship in a diverse society 

Environmental Eco Education


D of E

Special Educational Needs

Of course, there is a lot more to the Curriculum than just the list of subjects given above. Each pupil attending our school is here because they need a different approach to their learning. At the heart of the education of each pupil is their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Through the EHCP and the pupil centred review meeting, the most important educational outcomes are highlighted. These concentrate on the following areas:

  1. Communication and Interaction
  2. Cognition and Learning
  3. Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  4. Sensory and/or Physical
  5. Health Provision

The outcomes for each pupil are supported through teaching and learning across the whole curriculum, and they are reviewed and monitored on a termly basis.